Our Firm

Our Mission

Here at Labre Capital Financial, we believe that strong relationships are the cornerstone of leading an exceptional life. Whether on the rink or in the board room, we are committed to bettering the lives of our clients and communities by forming strong relationships built on performance, integrity and trust. We understand that people care how much you know and care, and it is our mission to provide highly-customized solutions and exceptional service to each of our clients.

Our History

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Labre Capital Financial, a family business built on the fundamental belief that you must give before you receive. We would be honored to partner with you to help you grow, protect, and distribute your wealth in a manner that’s in alignment with your values and tolerance to risk.

Our family’s business is to help other families achieve their financial goals and objectives by using a holistic planning process. When you work with us, we take the time to get to know you and what really matters to you, and then help you to protect and manage your finances accordingly.

Our company’s roots date back to 2001 when Cory became a New York Life agent after graduating from Towson University. With a recurring theme of “making others’ lives better” it was instantly a great fit for Cory and he found tremendous success from the beginning. He has been honored to win numerous industry and company awards throughout his career, including “Partner of the Year” in 2010.

When Cory’s business began to take off, it was a no brainer for him to partner with his parents, Janice and Yvon Labre. He had a very close relationship with them throughout his life and they were no strangers to having a family business and dealing with the complex financial matters that can accompany self-employment. As a professional ice hockey player, Yvon’s job was anything but traditional, but their family experienced the same complexities and were faced with the same decisions that most successful business owners must deal with. This personal experience coupled with a deep desire to play a positive role in the lives of others, are what fuel Cory, Yvon and Janice today.

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*A company award that recognizes agents who achieve case rate and commission milestones.



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